External Access to Systems

Currently we are using a Cloudflare Tunnel to reverse proxy services to be available externally, either publicly or behind Cloudflare's authentication. Some services also require port forwarding

External typeWhy?

Cloudflare Tunnel

Standard web traffic and/or web based apps.

Secured behind Cloudflare's network.

Port Forward

High bandwidth traffic (file services), not HTTP/S traffic (eg game servers, video files), latency sensitive services (game servers).

Insecure and unsafe.

Does my app need to be open to the public?

It depends on the use-case, and if you want to be! If you or someone else will need to access the service outside of the LAN, the app will need to be externally available.

  • Is my app secure enough to be open to the public?

    • How is authentication handled?

    • How are updates handled?

  • Does my app need to be open to the public?

    • Why would a random internet user access this app?

    • Would limiting this to a few users be a better solution?

    • What potential issues could arise? (eg file sharing service used to host malicious files)

  • Is the app designed to be open to the public (eg Overseerr vs Proxmox)

  • What is the potential risk if the app is breached?

    • What damage can be done? (eg deleting all VM's in Proxmox)

    • Can the service be used to jump to or access other services

If the app needs to be externally available but has some risk associated with it, it could be made available with Cloudflare Authentication in front of it. This also reduces the risk of DDOS attacks as the malicious actor will be attacking CF, not us.

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