Issue and Project Tracking

Projects and issues are tracked on the AGG / XFGN Trello or in the AGG Discord

Refer to the Trello page for more information regarding how things are tracked, tags etc.

Game Servers

AGG is primarily focused on hosting game servers for public use. Any changes to this Trello board is sent to the Alerts Discord page

New and coming Servers

Planned, in progress and completed servers are tracked on the dedicated 'Game Servers' board. This includes server updates / upgrades.

Players can request game servers in the Discord group, under the 'request-a-server' forum on Discord. These requests are reviewed by the AGG moderators. If approved, a card will be created on the Trello board and a link provided in the Discord forum post.

Removed Servers

Sometimes we have to remove servers. These are tracked in the 'removed servers' forum on Discord and will, where possible, provide files for players to keep player (such as map files for a Minecraft server).

I prefer to leave servers inactive than remove them, though removing them is sometimes required to make compute room for new projects. Generally, a server will only be shutdown under 2 conditions;

  • Community Vote The community has voted for the creation of another server instead (moving compute elsewhere)

  • Inactive Server The server is 'dead' (no players) and has been for a long time


Player related issues are tracked on the 'Support' form in Discord. This allows members to easily report any issues they experience

Some examples of player issues are

  • Player stuck somewhere and needs help getting out

  • Disputing a ban

  • Reporting another player

Sometimes a player will report a server issue, which will be migrated to the Trello board for resolution tracking

Server issues

Server issues are tracked on the 'Game Server' board

Some examples of server issues are

  • Crashes

  • Poor Performance


This allows us to be up front and public with issues and future projects. Followers can comment and make suggestions towards future servers

Projects related to security, such as CrowdSec modules or patching services, will be tracked in the Security board

Other Projects

Items that don't meet the above criteria will be tracked on the AGG / XFGN Projects board.

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