Monitoring and Alerting

We are currently using Pushover and UptimeKuma for server & service monitoring


Alert Type



No notification, displays in app


No notification, displays in app


Notification during active hours only


Always notify


Always notify

If the service can integrate with Pushover;

  • Configure 2 notifiers if possible

    • Low priority

    • High priority (if only 1 possible, configure high priority)

  • Set up alerts for notifiers

    • Low priority can be used for

      • Services that will cause minimal impact

      • Low urgency alerts

      • Alerts that are good to have, but may be common

    • High priority can be used for

      • Services with public impact

      • Services that will cause an outage (eg DNS)

      • Outages

Some services can integrate with Pushover via other methods, such as the text message API or SMTP. These should only be used for priority 0 and above.


This allows alerts to be sent to my mobile phone and categorizes them. Depending on the time, some alerts will be silent and others will make sound


All UptimeKuma monitors should be set as below. This reduces spam to Pushover as well as resource load



Time in Seconds


Retry count before error



Priority based on impact

Status Pages

We currently have 3 status pages,

Maintenance Periods

Maintenance periods should be set before the potential service outage, with the relevant monitors selected

Consistent maintenance periods, like the 4:30PM daily update schedule, can be scheduled and automated in Kuma


Consistent approach to notifications and monitoring

Display the right data on the right status page

Email Notifications

Email notifications should be set up using SMTP, please refer to the below generic config
EMAIL_SENDER_ADDRESS=                          #Refer to the list of emails below
SMTP_SECURE=starttls        #generic gmail account for SMTP
SMTP_PASSWORD=                                 #creds in BW
LatteMedia ServicesXFGN ServicesAGG Services


This allows us to email users from a single account. Per the email address, it also notifies them that they will not recieve a response.


Netdata is a distributed real-time, health monitoring platform for systems, hardware, containers & applications, collecting metrics.

Netdata alerts are sent to Pushover


This is to allow us to keep ahead of issues in the network and resolve them before they affect any public facing services

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