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Pool overlaps with other one on this address space

Wings container logs
failed to configure docker environment error=Error response from daemon: Pool overlaps with other one on this address space
Stacktrace: Error response from daemon: Pool overlaps with other one on this address space


  • Servers wont start but containers are running

  • Wings node shows as offline in Panel

  • Unable to navigate to Wings proxy url

  • Error above in logs for Wings container

This one is pretty easy to solve and can be done proactively (straight after installing Wings)

Wings, by default, chooses docker network for its game servers. This is a low range and it only takes pushing 18 stacks to run into this issue.

Per Pterodactyl's doco, the best way to work around this is changing the subnet that Wings uses in the Wings config file. To do so,

  1. Log into Portainer and access your Wings node

  2. On the left, click on Stacks

  3. Click on your Wings stack

  4. Scroll down to containers and open the 'Wings' container (not DB)

  5. Scroll down and note the volume mapped to /etc/pterodactyl

  6. On the left, select Volumes

  7. Click on 'browse' next to the volume noted in step 4

  8. Download the config file

  9. Open it in your editor of choice

  10. Locate the 'Docker' section and take note of the highlighted information below

  11. Go back to Portainer and select the 'Networks tab

  12. Confirm that your v4 subnet (orange) is used by another stack

  13. Update the 3 fields to be a range that is not in use

    • Red and Green field will be the same and must be in the same subnet range as orange (eg

    • Orange must be a valid subnet range, with the last 2 digits as 0 (eg Aka only change the second IP number ( )

  14. Upload the config file back into the relevant volume

  15. Restart the Wings stack

Please note:

The example provided above ( clashes with public IP's. You may experience issues with these containers accessing the internet using this subnet. Please refer to this doco for a list of private subnets

I'm personally running and haven't encountered issues, as this only affects those docker containers, but your mileage may vary.

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