❔Create new Virtual Machine

Required Knowledge


Create a new VM in Proxmox

  1. ???

Install SSH Keys

Refer to SSH Keys

Create a new environment in Portainer


  1. Log into Portainer

  2. On the left, select Environments

  3. On the right, click on 'add'

  4. Select Docker Standalone, then hit Start

  5. Select Edge Agent

    • Provide the name of the VM

    • For the API server, provide "https://espresso.agg.local:9443"

Externally hosted

Follow the above doco, but the API server is https://play.agamersgrind.com:9443

Refer to Port Forward in UniFi and add the devices public IP to the source of the "Espresso - Edge Agent Connection" FW rule

Deploy basic stacks

Refer to the 'all' compose files and run the stacks applicable to this server

Push base config via Ansible

Setup Complete

Now that the VM is configured it is ready to have applications and services installed.

Please read these guides and policies before configuring any further

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