Management of Documentation

Creation of new Documentation

New documentation should be created when a new AGG / XFGN / LM service is created

Management of Existing Documentation

6 Monthly Renewal

All documentation will be reviewed every 6 months to ensure it is still correct and accurate


This is to ensure that our documentation is correct and up to date

Changes to existing services

Documentation should be corrected whenever a service is altered


This is to reduce the workload during the 6 month renewal

Documentation Backlog

  • Incomplete or incorrect documentation should have the ? emoji attached to it

  • A Trello card can be created for creating or updating documentation


This is to ensure that incorrect documentation or backlogged writing is noted somewhere

Removal of Documentation

A homelab is very modular and as such, apps come and go.

Documentation can be freely deleted from the Gitbook site


We don't want to keep junk data here

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