EpicGames Free Games

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Automatically login and find available free games the Epic Games Store. Sends you a prepopulated checkout link so you can complete the checkout after logging in. Supports multiple accounts, login sessions, and scheduled runs.

We use the cookie import method to authenticate users.

This app is hosted on Cocoa as a docker container

  1. Log into Portainer

  2. Select Cocoa

  3. On the left, select Volumes

  4. Click on 'Browse' next to the epicgames_config volume

  5. Click on upload

  6. Upload your JSON file

  7. Edit the config.json file

    1. Download the config.json file

    2. Open the config.json in Visual Studio code

    3. Locate line 35 (accounts), click on the end and then hit enter

    4. Copy and paste the below code block and replace the example email with yours

            "email": "example@email.com"
    5. Save the file

  8. Upload the edited config.json file

  9. On the left, click on Stacks

  10. Select Epic Games

  11. Click on 'Stop this stack', then OK

  12. Click on 'Start this stack'

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