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Error 500

Issue mounting hardware or with ports

  1. Check the container in Portainer and take note of what ports it uses

  2. SSH into VM and Sudo -i into the root account

  3. Run the below commands and confirm

    sudo lsof -i:PORT
  4. Investigate why these ports are in use. Some suggestions;

    1. Reboot VM

    2. Refer to Google (eg looking up whatever is in the 'name' category)

Error 500 (with GPU passthrough)

Refer to the Docker Compose file for 'runtime: nvidia'

Reinstall the Nvidia Drivers

  1. SSH into Latte and Sudo -i into the root account

  2. Type the below command, hit tab, then enter and next, next, next through the prompts

  3. Try starting Plex

Remove and re-add the GPU

  1. Connect to Proxmox and log in with an Admin account

  2. On the left, Expand Macaroni and select Latte

  3. Click on 'Shutdown' and wait for the VM to stop

  4. Click on the Hardware tab

  5. Remove 2 'PCI Device' devices

    1. Click on the first PCI Device

    2. Click on Remove

    3. Repeat

  6. Add the Nvidia GPU back

    1. Click on Add > PCI Device

    2. Under the Devices dropdown, locate 'NVIDIA Corporation'

    3. Click on Add

    4. Repeat for any other 'NVIDIA Corporation' devices

  7. Click on 'Start'

  8. You may need to reinstall the drivers per above

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